The Unified Automated Training system (UATS) was created by RSNTTD and is applied to education, training and professional development of specialists in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics in RSNTTD training centers for additional professional education, educational and training centers which have a legal agreement with RSNTTD and also at the business customers’ training facilities.

The UATS is an online information resource containing theoretical training courses and is aimed at:

The UATS program based training is designed for NDT specialists, regardless of their place of employment, residence, level of qualification. The training based on the UATS programs guaranties a unified qualification level of training of NDT specialists, regardless of the place and form of training.

8 training courses have been designed so far which focus on the following monitoring methods:

  1. Radiation monitoring
  2. Liquid penetrant test
  3. Leakage monitoring
  4. Ultrasonic test
  5. Magnetic-particle test
  6. Visual and measuring testing
  7. Thermal control
  8. Acoustic emission

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