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Haier HV18A-4G - MP3 Player Review

One of the first things I liked about the here Haier HV18A-4G was that it is an mp3 player which may accompany you on longer trips, happily providing you along with your music for as much as 30 hours without the need to recharge. In addition to this, the Haier HV18A-4G contains a video player, voice recorder and FM transmitter. What's more, you possibly can have all of this for $50 (4GB version) and solely $10 more will get you double this capability.

The Haier HV18A-4G is a pretty little factor, however each fingerprints and smudges will guarantee that you are quickly intimately acquainted along with your mp3 participant's 3.5 by 1.5 by 0.25- inch frame. The physique is black and chrome, and incorporates a contact panel keypad. I found the contact panel to be virtually oversensitive; it's remarkably straightforward to alter track mid-play when trying to do something utterly different. The contact panel of the Haier HV18A-4G homes the buttons for quantity, quick ahead/rewind OK and Menu, while the facility/lock switch is situated on the side of the mp3 participant.

My experience of the headphones included within the package deal was that those of the Haier HV18A-4G are better than those of the Apple iPod and lots of others, however whilst these earbud headphones gave sturdy bass and wealthy sound, I nonetheless most well-liked the quality and clarity produced by coupling the gadget to Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, a better-quality alternative. Settings supplied by the Haier HV18A-4G embody Normal, Rock, Jazz, XBass, Classical and Pop, all offered by the player's equalizer.

For a screen only one.8 inches in dimension, the quality of video playback on the Haier HV18A-4G is fairly good. In spite of getting screen decision of only 128 by 160 pixels, video playback on the Haier HV18A-4G is faultless and even. You can convert common video files into .smv format through the player's integral ArcSoft Media Converter 3. I tested it on a 30MB file, and the ArcSoft program took 25 minutes to finish the conversion. You need to be cautious, though, as the ArcSoft isn't appropriate with codecs such as Xvid and Divx.

Controls and menu on the Haier HV18A-4G are, for essentially the most half, fairly intuitive to make use of and readily navigable. The one drawback I experienced was that I expected the quantity buttons to operate moreover as scrolling controls, but because they do not, you must use the quick-forward/rewind buttons to scroll up and down in case you are utilizing a vertically oriented menu.

The oversensitive touch panel and small capacity of this mp3 participant are its main disadvantages (I really feel that most people would favor extra space than afforded even by the 8GB choice), but a hold button helps to mitigate the consequences of the ultrasensitivity.

Overall, the Haier HV18A-4G is a very competitively priced mp3 player with excellent battery life and spectacular features. It ought to compete nicely against Apple and different mp3 producers.
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