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Best video
The Best Uses for YouTube

I used to never go on YouTube for the simple reason that I thought it was going to be filled with nothing however wannabe viral videos of people acting like full idiots, however I actually have since ventured onto the location many instances and discovered many nice and unexpected uses for it.

I love animals but don't own a pet, and I might spend an hour or so watching here videos of cute kittens stepping into bother by doing things like climbing up window screens or dogs that may do loopy tips like walking solely on their two front legs. It's additionally great for watching the races some of the finest racehorses that have ever lived. You can see footage of the likes of Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Man 'O War, Dr. Fager, and other legendary horses. So it's easy to waste plenty of time watching animals alone.

Then you could have movies of legendary folks that you could't really see anyplace else. You can watch movies of a number of the best performers of all time, like Anna Pavlova, considered by many to be the world's biggest ballerina, performing "The Dying Swan". You can see legendary figures Cab Calloway and Josephine Baker dance and hear them sing. And you can even watch footage of Michael Jackson again in the day when he wasn't such a freak present and could nonetheless awe audiences with his performances.

There's footage of in style icons like Hunter S. Thompson (it's fun to hear him talk), and you can see some of Bettie Page's old bondage movies or Sally Rand's fan dance. You may even watch legendary burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee perform certainly one of her striptease routines that made her so well-known.

There are additionally some nice inventive gems to be discovered on YouTube, like many of the best animated shorts of all time. There's the spectacular cease-animation film The Cameraman's Revenge fr om 1912, the gorgeous story of Crac! From 1981, and many of Lottie Reiniger's silhouette animations of fairy tales from the 20's and 30's. You also can see nice old cartoons like Betty Boop, and even some of the banned Warner Bros. cartoons that were too racist or raunchy for them to launch on their collections that can be purchased at present. It's also enjoyable generally to observe some of the old American propaganda films from wartimes. There are many crazy Nazi propaganda movies out there, as well.

There are additionally some trendy artists making a splash on YouTube. Graffiti artist BLU has created an exquisite animated graffiti movie referred to as MUTO the place his graffiti figures journey all over the partitions, flooring, and ceilings of old buildings. It's very spectacular, and it will have you questioning how exactly he managed to create it. You also can watch "goodbye art": artwork that is created to be destroyed, just like the Jimi Hendrix figure that is created with matches and then burned away. User Philinthecircle is the creator of this masterpiece and many others that can be found on YouTube, together with one the place he makes a portrait of Amy Winehouse out of frozen wine, which then melts away before our eyes. (It seems very related now.)

And if art is not your cup of tea, you may enjoy watching famous celebrities make full asses of themselves, like Bill O'Reilly's meltdown or John Stamos' interview on an Australian television show wh ere he is clearly had means an excessive amount of to drink. You can watch clips of George Bush's best "Bushisms". Or you'll be able to always result to "Rickrolling" yourself and watch a clip of Rick Astley's music video.

I've just discovered way too many things to observe on YouTube now, and I can not help but wonder what I'll discover subsequent. As if I needed anymore reasons to waste time online.
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